How does a site’s location effect the design of a dry chemical handling system?

Local conditions play an important role in the design of a dry chemical handling system.We have systems in the extreme cold of Canada’s arctic, and the extreme heat of the Middle Eastern desert.Our systems on the US coast must be designed to withstand hurricane force winds, while our facilities in Chile are faced with one of the highest seismic loads in the world.

In addition, the proximity to a major city center also influences the systems design. A remote mine in the US Rockies, or the Peruvian Andes’ must have sufficient storage to continue operation if there is a disruption to access.While systems built in major city centers on the other hand, need to be cognisant of noise and aesthetic appearance.And of course language must be considered for local operators, our signs and manuals have been translated to French (Quebec), Spanish (Mexico and South America), Cantonese (China), and Arabic (Jordan, Saudi Arabia).